Wine Siphoning – Hillbilly vs. Tech

For years, we’ve employed the most Spartan of procedures – sucking on a 1/2″ plastic tube to prime, then kinking the hose by hand to stop the flow. While elegant in its simplicity, this was also error-prone and messy. Our priming method could be a frustrating exercise – stop a moment too soon and the wine retreats back as if in defeat, a moment too late and you get a free drink… and wine all over the floor.

So, this year we’re injecting a (little) bit of tech – an auto-siphon and clamp. The 1/2″ Fermtech auto-siphon is cheap (about $15 on amazon) and seems pretty simple. Check out this video of how easy it looks to use:

Adding an $8 clamp to keep the siphon tube rasied out of the sediment brings the total to $23.

We may add a shut-off clamp, but didn’t immediately see one for 1/2″ hose.

So I’ll update this post when we figure out how well this all works and whether it was worth it!

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